March 31, 2009

And the winner is…

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The browser wars are going strong and PC World has published an article comparing relative speeds of page rendering.  Google’s Chrome 2 appears to be the most efficient at rendering.  I must say I would find it difficult to give up  Firefox add-ons I’ve grown to like.  Also, Chrome 2 doesn’t seem to have the configurability of Firefox.  Well, they do say that generally the browser rendering is pretty fast for all the ones rated, so that shouldn’t be the sole criterion from browser selection.  And remember, safety first!


March 26, 2009

Ransomware…now this is sad

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Apparently there is some upmanship going on in the malware business and there are some malware that will encrypt your local files and hold you at $50 ransom to get the decrypter.  Another reason to be very careful with approving downloads/updates.  FileFix Pro 2009 is NOT your friend.

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Firefox security update 3.0.8 available now…go get it!

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Mozilla Firefox
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A critical security update (3.0.8) to Firefox is now released.  It is a needed upgrade to Firefox running on any operating system.

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Are netbooks hurting M$?

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Interestingly, both an article indicating Linux netbooks are hurting Microsoft comes out at nearly the same time a refuting argument.

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Where’s the holodeck?

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Wolfram Research
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A computer interaction based on the technology behind Wolfram Alpha is purported to make possible a computer that can dircetly answer your questions (as opposed to just relevant search results)…at least for “factual” questions.

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Terabit ethernet

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Optical fiber types
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Photonic reasearch has demonstrated the feasibility of terabit-pre-second ethernet over fiber optic cable.

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March 25, 2009

Now, where did I put that information?

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A relatively new programming language, R from the R-project, finding use in data mining. No pirate jokes, now.

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If programmming languages were…

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Handbuch zum ZX 81 Computer BAsic Programmierung
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If programming languages were religions.

If programming languages were cars.

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