March 29, 2009

No pain, more gain?!?

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chemical structure of Ibuprofen
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There is recent research that shows that consumption of ibuprofen or acetaminophen, in conjunction with long-term resistance training, results in more muscle mass increase than for a placebo case.  I support natural, non-supplement training but this is interesting.  They don’t seem to address the implications of potential liver stress (for example due to repetitive use of acetaminophen).  They attribute the effect to muscular biochemistry effects, but I wonder if there is some pain suppression involved that results in the workouts being a little more intense for the analgesic case.

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March 28, 2009

Great fitness site with workout routines

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I highly recommend BodyRock.TV.  From their site: “At BodyRock.Tv we believe in getting back to the simple, natural, fitness basics. We pride ourselves on effective exercises that can be done at home, or outside with little or no equipment. Some of our best workouts focus on exercises that use only the resistance offered by your own body weight.”  Keep up the great work Zuzana!

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