March 29, 2009

No pain, more gain?!?

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chemical structure of Ibuprofen
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There is recent research that shows that consumption of ibuprofen or acetaminophen, in conjunction with long-term resistance training, results in more muscle mass increase than for a placebo case.  I support natural, non-supplement training but this is interesting.  They don’t seem to address the implications of potential liver stress (for example due to repetitive use of acetaminophen).  They attribute the effect to muscular biochemistry effects, but I wonder if there is some pain suppression involved that results in the workouts being a little more intense for the analgesic case.

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American Idol has new implications

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In an article on they discuss recent research the links musical sensitivities to emotional sensitivities.  From the article: “Looking for a mate who in everyday conversation can pick up even your most subtle emotional cues? Find a musician, Northwestern University researchers suggest.” Hmmm…I may in trouble here.

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March 28, 2009

Don’t forget

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ReQall is an interesting sounding company/product.  Their aim is apparently to provide a cyber “personal assistant”.  You interact with reQall on the Web, via cell phone, e-mail or Short Messaging Service.  It incorporates voice recognition technology.  The latest (spooky?) feature is Memory Jogger, a service that works in the background to use environmental data (time of day, location, etc) to remind you of relevant items (e.g., remind you to pick up your suit at the cleaners as you pass near it).  They offer a free standard service and a paid premium service. Supposedly using the service is a life changing event.  They better have one heck of a privacy policy.

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March 26, 2009

3D dashboard technology

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Three dimensional display for the dashboard may have the human factors engineers working overtime.  At least there are no funky glasses involved.

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