March 31, 2009

UF…not just for football…

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University of Florida mechanical and aerospace engineering associate professor Subrata Roy submitted a patent application for a “wingless electromagnetic air vehicle,” or WEAV.

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And the winner is…

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The browser wars are going strong and PC World has published an article comparing relative speeds of page rendering.  Google’s Chrome 2 appears to be the most efficient at rendering.  I must say I would find it difficult to give up  Firefox add-ons I’ve grown to like.  Also, Chrome 2 doesn’t seem to have the configurability of Firefox.  Well, they do say that generally the browser rendering is pretty fast for all the ones rated, so that shouldn’t be the sole criterion from browser selection.  And remember, safety first!

March 30, 2009

Plants on the Moon

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Paragon Space Development Corporation has teamed up to try to be the first to have viable greenhouse on the moon.  From their news feed:

“The first Moon flower will become a reality when private lunar expedition partners Odyssey Moon and Paragon Space Development Corporation deliver a biological greenhouse to the lunar surface.”

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A good use for Google Earth

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Piping in photos of rare animals that are caught on “camera traps” according to an article in NewScientist.  The research is led by Earthwatch Scientist Mika Peck.

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March 29, 2009

Be prepared

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Heh…this will do it.

15 Strangest College Courses

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Check this out! Register now before your favorites fill up. Let’s see…Science of Superheroes has a conflict with Zombies in Popular Media…

No pain, more gain?!?

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chemical structure of Ibuprofen
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There is recent research that shows that consumption of ibuprofen or acetaminophen, in conjunction with long-term resistance training, results in more muscle mass increase than for a placebo case.  I support natural, non-supplement training but this is interesting.  They don’t seem to address the implications of potential liver stress (for example due to repetitive use of acetaminophen).  They attribute the effect to muscular biochemistry effects, but I wonder if there is some pain suppression involved that results in the workouts being a little more intense for the analgesic case.

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American Idol has new implications

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In an article on they discuss recent research the links musical sensitivities to emotional sensitivities.  From the article: “Looking for a mate who in everyday conversation can pick up even your most subtle emotional cues? Find a musician, Northwestern University researchers suggest.” Hmmm…I may in trouble here.

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March 28, 2009

Great fitness site with workout routines

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Computation of the Body mass index with uncert...
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I highly recommend BodyRock.TV.  From their site: “At BodyRock.Tv we believe in getting back to the simple, natural, fitness basics. We pride ourselves on effective exercises that can be done at home, or outside with little or no equipment. Some of our best workouts focus on exercises that use only the resistance offered by your own body weight.”  Keep up the great work Zuzana!

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Don’t forget

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ReQall is an interesting sounding company/product.  Their aim is apparently to provide a cyber “personal assistant”.  You interact with reQall on the Web, via cell phone, e-mail or Short Messaging Service.  It incorporates voice recognition technology.  The latest (spooky?) feature is Memory Jogger, a service that works in the background to use environmental data (time of day, location, etc) to remind you of relevant items (e.g., remind you to pick up your suit at the cleaners as you pass near it).  They offer a free standard service and a paid premium service. Supposedly using the service is a life changing event.  They better have one heck of a privacy policy.

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