May 4, 2009

My hovercraft is full of eels…

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Nifty work by Entecho on a personal hovercraft that may be available soon.  From their site:

“The Hoverpod is Entecho’s personal flight CAV and employs our patented radial drum fan lifting system. With its small footprint and vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) ability, it is easily transported, can be launched from anywhere and fly over any surface; be it snow, water, sand or wetland.

The Hoverpod is the ultimate recreational vehicle, combining the freedom of the hovercraft and All-Terrain-Vehicles (ATV) with the performance of Personal-Watercraft (PWC) and Snowmobiles. The Hoverpod flies at a greater altitude than a conventional hovercraft, allowing it to pass over any terrain. The Hoverpod also enjoys the freedom to tilt and develop translational g-forces in any direction. This omni-directional ability makes the Hoverpod further unique compared to conventional recreational vehicles.

Just imagine the possibilities with the Hoverpod!”


April 20, 2009


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A 3D model of a :en:C60 molecule, also called ...
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In recent research at RPI we have the technology for non-permanent tatooing using nanotechnology applies to the skin.  Others have blogged about this also. And Phillips is running a request for feedback!  Think of the implications!  We no longer have to fear that the tatoo artist accidentally chose the chinese symbol for “kick me”, heh.  And those gang symbols could automatically adjust for whatever neighborhood you’re passing through.  And, my gosh!  Think about  never having to explain that “ex”!  You know this (non-permanent) modification is going to take off!

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April 3, 2009

Virus-built batteries

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MIT Logo
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Research at MIT yields virus-built batteries that would allow for light-weight, conformal battery production.

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April 1, 2009

Mars mission simulator

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Atmosphere of Mars taken from low orbit
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A group is undergoing a long-term isolation test to simulate the group conditions that would be experienced on a Mars mission.

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March 31, 2009

UF…not just for football…

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University of Florida mechanical and aerospace engineering associate professor Subrata Roy submitted a patent application for a “wingless electromagnetic air vehicle,” or WEAV.

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March 30, 2009

Plants on the Moon

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Paragon Space Development Corporation has teamed up to try to be the first to have viable greenhouse on the moon.  From their news feed:

“The first Moon flower will become a reality when private lunar expedition partners Odyssey Moon and Paragon Space Development Corporation deliver a biological greenhouse to the lunar surface.”

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March 28, 2009

Duke Nukem watch out…rail guns for real

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Ships of the multinational fleet Combined Task...
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The Navy has contracted for a rail gun that will send projectiles at Mach 5 to a range greater than 200 nautical miles! Wow. “An electromagnetic railgun uses electrical energy to accelerate projectiles to extreme velocities. Railguns do not require chemical propellants to fire the round or explosives to create an explosive effect on impact — thereby freeing magazine space for other mission areas or additional projectiles. The high-velocity kinetic impact of the round is so great that even a solid metal round can have an explosive effect. In addition, electromagnetic guns provide a highly consistent and uniform propulsion that allows for much greater accuracy.”

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March 26, 2009

NASA Might Name Toilet For Comedian Stephen Colbert

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NASA seal
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According to, NASA spokesman John Yembrick said the Node 3 naming decision would not be made until April and that the “highest voted names” were receiving the most consideration.

“As for the toilet rumor, we don’t want to flush away any goodwill by announcing something before we are ready,” Yembrick said.

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Hyundai’s Blue-Will

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Hyundai’s Blue-Will is an interesting looking hybrid to be shown.  I’d want to know the drag coefficient on this though…I’m like that.

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Can’t wait for that 2010 Prius

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Even if it is one more check mark from Wierd Al’s “White and Nerdy“, hybrids are great technology.

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